Private Well Water Treatment Grants in Ireland

The objective of the grant scheme is to assist households dependent on private individual water supplies who are incurring capital expenditure to:

  • Provide a piped supply of water for domestic purposes, or
  • Remedy serious deficiencies in an existing supply of water for domestic purposes.

The scheme does not apply to houses to which a public or group scheme water supply has already been provided or can reasonably be provided.

Works carried out before a prior inspection by the Local Authority do not qualify under the scheme.


A person is eligible for a grant if he or she is:-

  • Providing a piped supply of water to an existing house for the first time; or
  • Carrying out improvements to a seriously deficient existing piped supply of water to a house;

where the supply of water concerned is a supply other than a public or group scheme supply. For the purposes of this memorandum, a group water scheme is a scheme providing a private supply of water by means of a common or shared source of supply and distribution system.

A person is not eligible for a grant if, in the opinion of the Local Authority, –

  • The house concerned is not occupied by the applicant as his or her normal place of residence (e.g. a holiday home);
  • The house concerned is at present connected to a public or group scheme water supply;
  • The area in which the house is located is or is about to be served by a public water supply or a group scheme water supply;
  • The house concerned is under construction or has been constructed within the previous 7 years;
  • A grant has been paid within the previous 7 years for:
    – the provision of the house concerned, or
    – the provision or improvement of a water supply to that house.

Qualifying Works:

Works qualify under the scheme where they are undertaken to provide or improve a supply of water for domestic purposes in a house and they consist of one or more of the following:

  • Drilling or commissioning a new well;
  • Rehabilitating an existing well, including deepening/relining an existing bore or the removal of silt;
  • Providing or upgrading a supply of water from a surface water source;
  • The construction or improvement of a pump house, piping or other facilities in connection with the supply of water;
  • The provision or improvement of mechanical or electrical equipment or facilities in connection with the supply of water; or the provision of improvement of facilities or equipment for the treatment of water.

Works do not qualify where, in the opinion of the Local Authority:

  • They have an approved cost of less than €634.87;
  • The proposed works exceed what would be required to secure an adequate supply of water for domestic purposes;
  • They relate to the installation or improvement of plumbing inside a house;
  • They relate to the provision or up-grading of a supply of water for non-domestic purposes;
  • They are carried out before the Local Authority’s inspection takes place.

Amount of Grant:

6.1 The amount of a grant will be the lesser of either (a) or (b):

(a) 75% of the approved cost, (or, where appropriate, the revised approved cost,
(b) €2,031.58.

How to Apply?

To see if you qualify, send us a quick email or call 06753886 and one of our water treatment experts will be in touch with you to discuss your project.