Water Hardness Analyzer Kit


Test kit for the analysis of total hardness

  • Method: Drop test
  • Scale: 1 drop = 10 ppm CaCO3
  • Number of tests: 72 (with the reagents supplied with the kit)


  • 1 x A (20ml / bottle)
  • 1 x B (20ml / bottle)
  • 1 x Plastic sample tube, 20 mL

Instructions for Use:

  1.  Rinse the cylinder with the water to be analyzed, then fill it up to the mark (15 ml)
  2. Add 5 drops of solution A and shake. If the water turns blue, it corresponds to a hardness <1ºHF. (There is no lime or hardness in the water)
  3. If the water sample turns purple-red then add solution B drop by drop, stirring at all times, until the colour of the sample changes to blue. Count the number of drops added
  4. Each drop of Solution B added is equivalent to 1ºHF (1 degree French or 10 mg/L or 10ppm of CaCO3)
  5. Multiply the number of drops used in Step 3 with 10 mg/L. Suppose you added 15 drops of Solution B, then the amount of water hardness would be 15 x 10 mg/L= 150 mg/L


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