RO-M  4040 XLE (DOW)


Model: RO-M  4040 XLE (DOW)

Stock code: 1099927




RO-M 4040 XLE (DOW) is a 4″ x 40″ Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membrane that can provide RO quality water up to 2,900 gallons per day at a 15% recovery rate.  It can operate at feed pressures ranging from 145 psi to 600 psi with 99.2% salt rejection.  This element features the thickest feed spacer(34 mil) available in the industry today to lessen the impact of fouling. This offers the highest quality water for small and mid-size commercial systems purifying less than 10 gallon per minute(2300 L/h) of RO water and is the industry standard for reliable operation and production of the highest quality water in commercial applications.


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