Ecosoft 5 pack filter set


Model: Ecosoft 5 pack filter set

Stockcode: 1012400


Stage 1 – Pre-cleaning cartridge Ecosoft PP5 – made of high-quality foamed polypropylene, designed to clean tap water or water from wells from suspensions, the size of which is higher than 5 microns (sand, scale, clay, etc.).

Stage 2 – The Ecosoft GAC granular carbon cartridge is a food-grade plastic housing filled with activated carbon from a coconut shell. This cartridge removes chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals from water.

Stage 3 – The final cleaning cartridge in front of the Ecosoft PP1 membrane is made of expanded polypropylene with a nominal value of 1 micron. Its function is to remove the remains of suspended matter and coal dust from the water, which in small quantities can appear after the Ecosoft Gac cartridge.

Stage 4 – Ecosoft 50GPD reverse osmosis membrane is the main filter element in the reverse osmosis system.

Stage 5 – Ecosoft carbon post-filter, which provides a pleasant smell and taste of purified water. Consists of granular charcoal obtained from coconut shells.



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