20″ x 4″ Carbon Block Water Filter


Provides clean drinking and cooking water.

The carbon block filter reduces content of chlorine and chlorination by-products, concentration of toxic heavy metals, phenol, oil products and pesticides.
Improves colour, taste and odour in the water.
Due to its block structure the filter also reduces sediments up to 10 microns.

This filter will fit other 4″ x 20″ housings.

Max filter capacity 50,000 L

Changing the filter

We recommend replacing the filters which should last up to 6 months or when they reach their filtration capacity, whichever is sooner.

The replacement filter is intended for cold tap water only.

After the filter is replaced, discard at least 10 liters of filtered water.


Fits all 20″ filter housings
Well water filtering / KOI after sediment stage

Media: Highest available grade of Carbon Block
Cartridge Dimensions: Approx. 20″ x 4″


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